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Thread: Used slightly planted substrate Flourite two types

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    Used slightly planted substrate Flourite two types

    I have-

    Flourite black sand in a 30" x 18" footprint - I believe probably 2/3 of 5 gallon bucket -$10.00
    Flourite and natural gravel mix 80 % Flourite- in a 6' 125 gallon tank - I do have this tank listed for sale also with the substrate but I need to move the tank asap - $25.00

    also the plants in the pic mostly swords and rooted plants in there not sure exactly what but the tank is full all but my amazon lily is a grab bag for $50.00.

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    gonna be breaking down this tank here this weekend if anyone is intrested in the substrate or some plants, all my weekend plans are canceled so gonna clean some stuff up.



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