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Thread: Dosing questions

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    Dosing questions

    Hi community
    I would like to know what your dosing routine looks like for your planted tank. I personally do EI regime, but am not sure if I would need the gh booster ( I know that our water is a little in the soft side). Would like to get some advice from locals.

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    Yes. I boost Ca and Mg levels to raise TDS to about 200 with GH about 5 to 6 dkh. I use about 2x Mg over Ca as the tap water has more Ca to begin with. Fulton County tap. hope that helps. Also EI will work well and requires no testing but make sure you are doing your large weekly water changes. I myself dose based on the layout I currently have but in general more plants less hardscape my dosing looks like EI. More hardscape, especially stone and less plants typically looks more like ADA with far less N in the water column. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks mot. I will boost my gh a little. I have been noticing some kind of deficiency but am not sure if it's due to the soft water from Fulton county. My tank is currently still a farming tank and once I get everything growing well I will start moving plants around. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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