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Thread: Hatching daphnia eggs

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    Hatching daphnia eggs

    I bought a bag of daphnia eggs online and would like to start a culture. I have not been successful my first attempt, although I followed the instructions that comes with the eggs, and have half of the bag laft for a second attempt. Can you please teach me a good way to hatch these eggs? advice and help is very much appreciated.

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    Ive not tried hatching them. I would assume some aged water would be best. Id start some water aerating for at least 24 hours,but more like 3-4 days. maybe a little bit of plant or filter material in it. And then follow the instructions

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    Thanks for your answer. The instruction mention to put it under direct sunlight or under 100w light. Is that critical?

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    the light may be to warm them. or to get them to come to a spot for collecting. I dont know. I doubt its a big deal either way

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    Ok thanks for your advice. I will try to hatch the remaining of the eggs when the weather gets warmer.


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