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Thread: Identify help

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    Identify help

    Got some free adult cichlids. I was the second person so I got what was left, if there was a Male peacock he was gone. All were mbuna except for one. Not sure if it's a mutt mbuna or peacock female. I know identifying the species of peacock female can be impossible. This one is the typical brown/gray with stripes. The dorsal and peduncle have an orange stripe. The dorsal has a tinge of blue under the orange. Pelvic fins have whitish blue streak as well. I took some pics but colors weren't as obvious. Mutt or peacock female and species ideas?

    Not sure if it helps but the mbuna tank mates are kenyi, blue cobalt, and acei.

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    No idea -- but bumping to see if our African cichlid experts will know.

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    Looks to be a female peacock. Males at that size typically show a little color in the cheeks at a minimum. I’ve never been able to separate female peacocks.


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