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Thread: Web page down?

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    Web page down?

    now that I am retired I was going to come to more meetings, but can not see the schedule, none of the links seem to be working, opening page is blank
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste

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    I finally got the home page to load after about 10 min and there is no info listed on the upcoming meeting? Is no one getting speakers for the club any more?
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste

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    Meeting this month is on the BAP program, HAP program, member perks and new CARES program. (Might cover other stuff, but couldnít find the post in Facebook). Read somewhere that the February program will be on raising live food given by someone from the Raleigh club, didnít recognize the name.

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    The website is almost done being redone, so those issues will be resolved very soon!

    The subjects above are correct. March is Todd Wenzel from Raleigh, covering live foods and conditioning fish for breeding. :)

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    activation for new page still not working
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste


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