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Thread: Sponge Filter question

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    Sponge Filter question

    I set up a 10 gallon fry tank and added Pearl Beach by Seachem for the substrate. I rinsed the substrate but the water is extremely cloudy. After nearly 24 hours of operating, I donít think the sponge filter has helped reduce the cloudiness one bit and Iím very concerned that the sponge filter doesnít draw enough water in to keep the tank clean. Iíve never use sponge filters before. They look extremely easy to set up so I donít think I have installed it wrong.

    I would love anyone who is very familiar with using sponge filters to talk me off the ledge that I havenít made a huge mistake to go with sponge filters instead of the traditional hang from the back type.

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    Sponge filters are not a direct substitute for HOB or canister filters. Each has a niche. Sponge filters are very good for tanks with fry, as the others may trap fry in the intake tube. As long as you have a strong stream of air bubbles, the filter is moving water through the foam. Unfortunately, the foam is too coarse for trapping "cloudiness." Filter floss or polishing pad media in other filters do a better job, though it depends on what is causing the cloudy water. Probably the new substrate, so don't panic and let it settle out. Do frequent water changes, and add replacement water very gently so as not to disturb any sediments. Unless you have to keep plants alive, keep the lights off.

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    Thank you! I started over and re-rinsed the substrate. I do have floating plants in there to help cycle the tank. This will be my fry tank, so thanks for the clarification. The tank is now clear.

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