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Thread: Moving to Minneapolis how do I send my fish?

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    Question Moving to Minneapolis how do I send my fish?

    I am moving to Minneapolis in May. I have 180 gallon Red Sea Reefer tank. It is freshwater with 10 Discus, some catfish, tetras, one small and two very large clown loaches. I have had the clown loaches for 16 years and would like to keep them and the discus. My question is does anyone know where I can pay to board these fish until I can setup my tank and cycle it in Minneapolis. I would then pay to have them bagged, prepped and overnight shipped to Minneapolis. This is my first choice my other option is to sell off my live stock . Any help would be appreciated.

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    A lot of this would really revolve around where you currently live and the resources that are in that area. Some LFS might be able to help you, but at the same time, might not want to get involved knowing there may be backlash if one of our prize fish is lost. Another possibility is if there are anyone in the area who has experience shipping fish as well as the equipment to ship fish (thinking oxygen here). And last is the availability of tank space and estimated time that the fish would have to be held.

    in short, more information is really required in order for any truly beneficial responses.

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    Yikes, that is a big undertaking. Could you take the essential fish with you when you move, and put them into temporary quarters (smaller tank or tanks) until the 180 is ready? You could overload the temporary tank(s) and do massive daily water changes to keep them happy. If you are going to sell the non-essential fish, I would suggest the timing of the spring auction might be very good for you. Should be in April.

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    I would trust Ken Davis or someone in NADA with this, if available.


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