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Thread: weak stems water sprite

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    weak stems water sprite

    Hello, 4A friends-- I'm not happy with the way my water sprite is growing. Many small plantlets but weak stems on parent plants (about 3-4 inches tall) and leaves that are broad and not finely branched. Is it possible my sprite has mutated into a variety that will only grow in the manner shown in the photo. I am using 4 55W 21 inch compact fluorescent bulbs for 9h/da. I dose with NO3 and check the level. (I also dose with PO4 and K2SO4, Fe gluconate, and CSM + B)
    I don't plant the stems into the white coarse gravel but just hold it down to the substrate with a smooth stone. Any advice from a planted tank friend would be appreciated!
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    I may be wrong, but I think that is the nature of water sprite. I leave mine floating and does exactly what you are describing. I use it to absorb excess nutrients. My experience is the more nutrients, the faster it spawns plantlets rather than developing its foliage. You may want to consider a different plant for this purpose such as sword or crypts.

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    I agree with Mr. Jim. That's just what it does.

    It looks like a planted stem plant, but its a floater. Duckweed that is easy to remove.
    - Jeremy

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    If you take one of those plantlets and plant it's roots in the gravel, it will quickly grow leaves which reach to the top of the tank, and will be a nice looking Water Sprite plant. Once the plant matures, the leaves will grow little plantlets like this again. If you pluck the leaf and stalk on which the plantlets are growing, new leaves will sprout from the base of the original plant. You will also have an additional new plant (or many plants). I pluck the leaves with plantlets, replant some of the plantlets, and keep a nice group of Water Sprite. It's part of the process of trimming the plant. Also, this Water Sprite, with the large leaves, tends to produce more plantlets than the frill leaved Water Sprite. This one wants to float way more than it wants to be planted.

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