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Thread: weak stems water sprite

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    weak stems water sprite

    Hello, 4A friends-- I'm not happy with the way my water sprite is growing. Many small plantlets but weak stems on parent plants (about 3-4 inches tall) and leaves that are broad and not finely branched. Is it possible my sprite has mutated into a variety that will only grow in the manner shown in the photo. I am using 4 55W 21 inch compact fluorescent bulbs for 9h/da. I dose with NO3 and check the level. (I also dose with PO4 and K2SO4, Fe gluconate, and CSM + B)
    I don't plant the stems into the white coarse gravel but just hold it down to the substrate with a smooth stone. Any advice from a planted tank friend would be appreciated!
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    I may be wrong, but I think that is the nature of water sprite. I leave mine floating and does exactly what you are describing. I use it to absorb excess nutrients. My experience is the more nutrients, the faster it spawns plantlets rather than developing its foliage. You may want to consider a different plant for this purpose such as sword or crypts.

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    I agree with Mr. Jim. That's just what it does.

    It looks like a planted stem plant, but its a floater. Duckweed that is easy to remove.
    - Jeremy

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