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Thread: need color in planted tank

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    need color in planted tank

    Hello, 4A friends-- I have 4 plant types in my 50 g tank: small leaf sagittaria, cryptocoryne, java fern, and watersprite (please see photo attached). As mentioned in an earlier post I am tired of the growth pattern of the water sprite (too many plantlet floaters). I would like to add a red color plant, that would grow in the mid-ground. What is the experience of 4A members with Super Red or Rubin variety of Ludwigia repens? any problems encountered or peculiar nutritional requirements? Any other choices of plants in the red color family? (Alternanthera reineckii?) Do any members have these plants or could suggest a commercial source? Thanks for any information. (If you have any of these plants and wish to sell or donate please PM me.)
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    I have a few 6 inch stems of Alternathera that have been languishing in one of my tanks. They are algae and snail free, and I would be happy to give them to you. I am a poor plant keeper, I do not root fertilize my tanks or use CO2 -- they would have a better home with you. Please text me at 404 369 6378 as I have a new phone and sadly lost your contact info.
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    Lighting will determine what you can keep. Buy at the spring auction. Bid or arrange a pick up.

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    Have ludwigia super red and rotala macrandra red in my tank at the moment.

    In my experience the ludwigia is more forgiving and hearty while the rotala is more demanding and fragile.

    Get my plants from, AAAA member trades, AAAA auctions and LFS (Premier and Southern Aquatics).

    To get the rich red color, in my experience, itís a combination of things. I started dosing iron and it seems to be helping in addition to c02 and niLocG thrive liquid ferts.

    Iím a total noob so this is just the experience I have had - best of luck.

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    Thanks to the 4A members with advice on sourcing and keeping red color plants. Special thanks to Heather for donating Alternathera.

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