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Thread: Atlanta Koi Club annual koi and goldfish auction

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    Atlanta Koi Club annual koi and goldfish auction

    With the permission of an AAAA official, I wanted to alert and welcome all AAAA members and followers to the Atlanta Koi Club's annual koi and goldfish auction, held rain or shine on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at Coastal Pond Supply, 2110 Tucker Industrial Rd., Tucker, GA 30084. Attendance is free, and there is no fee for registering to bid. Activities start at 10 AM and continue all afternoon until all fish have been auctioned. There also may be some miscellaneous pond equipment and plants for sale, at buy-it-now pricing.
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    Good morning, Tiki!

    I am planning on attending -- and at least taking some pictures! Is there really also a show? I thought the show was done only in the fall in the past! Thank you for letting us know!

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    Heather, I hope you had a chance to attend last Saturday. To address your question: Last Saturday was our annual koi and goldfish AUCTION. This is always held in mid-April. You might be confusing it with our annual koi and goldfish SHOW (where fish are professionally judged and given awards for excellence.) Our Show is always held in late September. This year, the dates for our Show will be Sat. and Sun. September 28 and 29. Also upcoming in a few weeks is our biannual Pond and Garden Tour. The date for this self-driving tour is Sat. May 18. Details about both the Pond Tour and the Show can be found on the Atlanta Koi Club website:


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