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Thread: Aquariums, Stands, RCS for sale

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    Aquariums, Stands, RCS for sale

    I'm moving to New England and need to get rid of most of my aquariums. I live just east of Dacula. My schedule is flexible right now but I need these tanks gone by the end of Memorial Day weekend. Current stuff for sale: all tanks are glass and should be usable unless otherwise stated. Plastic hoods for 30 gal tanks also, sort of a mix and match situation.

    135 gal (6' long) with metal stand, needs a center brace. $20
    55 gal with metal stand (check for slow leak), $10
    4 30 gal $6
    1 30 with chipped upper corner, should still hold water free with any purchase
    1 wooden stand with doors for 30 gal, painted black $6
    4 metal over/under 30 gal stands $6 each
    1 20 gal long with mineralized soil substrate $5
    1 15 gal $5 sold
    2 10 gal $3 ea
    1 5 gal $2 sold
    2 30 gal long (36" long) tanks
    HOB filter with 2 filter wheels (for larger tanks such as 30 gal or 55gal)
    Beta bowl, free with any purchase
    Amazon frogbit, hornwort, marble queen swords free with any purchase. 3 Golden Damios (had them for 6 months so pre quarantined) free to a good home.
    Fluval 303? filter free
    Miscellaneous stuff for HOB filter including entire filter free with any purchase.
    Will help load tanks. PM if you have any questions. I'm keeping the prices reasonable in my opinion to help out club members.
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    i will take the 20g long PM sent

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    Aquariums, Stands, RCS for sale

    I would be happy to get the danios, plants, Fluval 303. I can get this weekend, just over in Lawrenceville.

    What are the dimensions on the 30 gallon tanks? Iím not familiar with those. May be interested in the stands and those, though. Itís not letting me message you, can you send me a message?

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    JillBridges, PM sent, for anyone else who has trouble PM'ing me, my email is or you can text me at 678-367-5945.
    RCS colony includes tank, substrate, plants, heater, sponge filter and small powerhead. One interested party on the 135 and the 20, but everything else still available.
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    Dang, too slow for the 135. Can you deliver? I will pay. Back-up for the 135, plz!!!!!!

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    Updated List of things for sale:
    1 30 gal $5
    1 30 gal long, chipped corner Free
    1 10 gal with hood $2
    1 55 gal with metal stand, may need resealing $10
    4 metal stands for 30 gal, over/under design $5 ea
    1 black wooden stand for 30 gal with doors $5
    Possibly a Red Cherry Shrimp Colony with tank, filtration, heater, ect. for $20, may have buyer.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought stuff! I hope there are some planted tank enthusiasts up in NH! I'll be available all Memorial Day Weekend if you want to pick up anything then.
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    I still have the 55 gal tank and stand, a 30 long, a 30 high, a 20 long, a 10 gal, 4 metal 30 gal stands (the 20 fits those) a 30 wooden stand. Everything reduced to $2 if you pick it up this weekend or by Wednesday. I am available almost anytime. The RCS have been sold as the zebrafish have been rehomed.
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