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Thread: Advice Needed - Pump for Water Changes?

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    Advice Needed - Pump for Water Changes?

    I currently use a Python for water changes. I would like to cut down on my water usage, and am considering trying to use some sort of pump just for draining tanks. Refill would still be via Python (no room for a water storage tank). I would love some info on how best to set something like this up, pump type, plumbing required, etc. I have a sump and a sink that a drain line could run to. Thx!

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    I use a Eheim AEH1002310 attached to the end oh my python. I'll also use another larger pump for my larger tanks that has a short piece of hose on the intake so I can target the waste in the tank.

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    check out They can sell you a water pump and all the plumbing you need. I have one of the cheap, simple ones that just attaches a submersible pump to a hose. Great for large bottom tanks. tanks. But they can help you assemble something more complex. Non-submersible water pumps are more money, but would eliminate issues draining the last few inches. I end up siphoning into buckets, which I pump water out of into my utility sink.


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