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Thread: Hello from Buford

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    Hello from Buford

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum and back into the hobby. I recently purchased, setup and cycle(ing) my tank, a55 gallon, I can't go bigger where I am at. I am looking to stock it but I am really torn between Cildids, or just fish besides those..Guppies and a community of tank mates. I want it to be a busy tank but pretty.

    I am open to ALL suggestions, critiques anything from the knowledge of this community.

    Thank you

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    I'm a community tank advocate. Welcome to the community! I like to be able to add a variety of different species to a single aquarium, and try to have fish that occupy different parts of the tank - top, middle and bottom dwellers. It can be tricky finding the right mix and keep everyone happy. A 55 is large enough that you can provide space with plenty of cover as well as open space for viewing. Stick with fish that match best to the local water parameters. Also, the next club meeting is July 20, and it will conclude with an auction including fish and plants reared by local members. It is a good source for finding healthy stock.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Any particular cichlids you are looking at? The water in upper Georgia tends to be soft, so African Rift Lake species are not the automatic go to here. People certainly do keep them here, but New World and Riverine are more frequent.

    Guppies and Tetras are nice as well. However, they are usually fairly compatible with the smaller non Rift Lake cichlid species, so it isn't always an either/or.
    - Jeremy

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    Hello! I am new here, nice to meet everyone


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