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Thread: Shrimp - Blue Velvet - 30 for $60 or take the entire colony for $250

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    Shrimp - Blue Velvet - SOLD OUT

    Hi AAAA folks. Its time again to tear down my latest aquascape and setup the next for the China International Aquascaping Contest. I have a lot of shrimp that I do not want to put in the new display so I'm looking to move them to a new home. They are ready to go. I have no idea how many there are but it's in the hundreds. Have had them for about a year and they are used to Alpharetta tap water with a little Magnesium and Calcium added to bring TDS up to about 200.

    Here is a photo from today after I captured them out of the display.

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    Hi Mot,

    I'd be happy to buy 30 from you. I live in Lilburn. They look beautiful. I have a couple of Cherry Reds right now and am just starting out in the hobby.

    What is the best way to pick them up? I can make it out to Alpharetta most days this week, or the weekend if that is more convenient. I also work in Buckhead if that is helpful.

    And good luck with the Aquascaping Contest!

    James Ashley

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    Interested in seeing pics when you get the new scape done!

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    Sorry James. Sold them all already.

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    Id be happy to show you all the results when I can. Will be later this year after rankings have been anounced. If anyone wants to stop by and check out my current tanks you are more than welcome to come have a beverage and talk tanks.

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    SOLD OUT. Thanks for the interest! Im sure Ill have more great items in the future.


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