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Thread: Clearing out 7 adult orange koi angels

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    Clearing out 7 adult orange koi angels

    Time to clear out the last round of adults from the 3rd gen of my orange koi angel line. There are 7 adults. This generation throws a combination of orange with some red as well as some high/full coverage offspring.
    I know there is at least one pair in the mix that has spawned a few times but I have not had time to pull them so they are going to be mixed in together. I would love to just have someone take the entire group but I can separate them if need be. I just canít guarantee Iím going to be able to keep the known pair together.
    If someone wants the entire group together, I can do $75. Otherwise, it will be $15 per fish. I can bring them to the meeting on the 20th.


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    can i get those. Interested, let me know where i can collect it

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    I am interested will get all 7. My number 8562668479


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