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Thread: Breeders Award Program

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    Breeders Award Program

    The Breeders Award Program (BAP) is established to recognize the accomplishments of AAAA members, to promote members’ involvement in breeding fishes, to gather and share information on breeding, and to provide a wide range of fish to the membership during auctions. In order to obtain points for fish a member must bring in a minimum of five young, at least sixty days old and put them up for the auction. The member must fill in the required information on the BAP Data Sheet. Point classification of fishes spawned (10, 15, 20, or higher) is determined according to level of difficulty for breeding and/or raising the fry. Points are awarded only once for each species submitted by a member. A plaque is awarded at the following point levels:
    • Breeder (100 points)
    • Advanced Breeder (200 points)
    • Superior Breeder (350 points)
    • Expert Breeder (600 points)
    • Master Breeder (900 points)
    • Grand Master Breeder (1200 points)

    Note that members and the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association benefit financially when they submit BAP fish for the auction. Members receive 70% of any auction proceeds while the association garners 30% to offset club expenses. It is important to note that there is one other way that members can earn points towards their breeder awards. An additional five points can be earned when an article is written on a ten, fifteen, or twenty point fish submitted to the BAP Program. These articles will be kept in our reference library and will also be published in our Association Newsletter. While these guidelines don’t have to be strictly followed, an essay of approximately 250 to 400 words discussing the fish characteristics, the breeding environment, water parameters, and the growth cycle of the fry would be appreciated. In other words, what would someone need to know in order to breed a particular species provided that they have a mature pair?

    For more information, contact JJ Smith
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    Just to make all the members of our club that currently participate in the Breeders Award Program or others that are interested in participating aware that the upcoming Big Fall Auction is a valid and a great time to bring your entries for points. You will not only get your BAP points but also get paid for the fish according to the split that applies to you. 70/30 if a member or 60/40 if you are a guest. I will have blank copies of the BAP sheet handy to distribute in case you didn't have time to fill one out because you were too busy bagging fish!!! Yes!!! So there is no excuse to not participate.
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    I see there is on the sheet that there is the option to email it. Clicking on the tab did not email it. Was wondering what the email is to send BAP data sheet to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
    I see there is on the sheet that there is the option to email it. Clicking on the tab did not email it. Was wondering what the email is to send BAP data sheet to?
    PM Rahnk for the latest info.


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