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Thread: News about the Breeding Awards Program!

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    News about the Breeding Awards Program!

    Just briefly want to introduce myself as the new club Breeders Award Program czar. Just kidding. My name is Luis. I hope to introduce a little more fun to the program and encourage everyone to participate. Of course I could never compete with Ken Seiders and his HAP program. With the graceful collaboration of Eric Le Calvez we have a new sheet to report those newly bred species. We will send the file to Mark so that he can upload it to our website. But I will be more than happy to anyone that sends me an e-mail requesting it. This new version is in Microsoft Word format and will allow you to fill in the blanks on your computer and save it and stored in your computer. You can also just e-mail it to me at at and I will reply to you with a confirmation that I receive your entry(ies). At the meeting Mark has promised to also convert it to a writable version of pdf file that can also be saved. Hopefully this will make more versatile and easier to submit your BAP sheets so no one has an excuse to not participate. Happy winter (resting from breeding) season everyone!! Enjoy the snow...
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    Your thread starts out,"Just briefly want to introduce myself", but you never told your name or any info about yourself. Also you invited people to email you requesting a copy of the new BAP data sheet, but did not give your address. I know who you are but new members or guests may not. Thanks

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    Happy winter (resting from breeding)
    lol not, saw more C. moori fry today and cristatus wigglers

    Are the lists up to date? Have i done BAP on apple snails yet? Can you do BAP on snails?
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    I need to know that about the snails too, like assassins or apple snails. What about RCS or African dwarf frogs or crayfish?

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    Sorry for the late reply here. Hold up, let me dust my little BAP kiosk here...ooshh,ooshh, now. No, lists are not up to date. They are only to June 2009. A few people are requesting that their lists get revised so I will be working with participants on an individual basis, but here is the catch. I need you to start by grabbing your brain and massaging it for 5 min, then try to start remembering what species you submitted in the last couple of years and write them down in a list and send it to me. It can't be too hard. Then I will go to the archives and start putting it all in perspective. How about that???
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    The only fish I submitted were the galaxy rasboras or Celestial Pearl danio (CPDs) 10 pts.
    I would like to have the new sheets if you find the time to email them to me at
    I plan on entering some CPOs and possibly some other critters but I need a answer to my earlier question if some of them are even considered BAP points as I won't bother with writing up an essay on each if it's a waste of time. So, Luis, are critters, other than fish worth points?

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    Of course they are worth points!! This program (the BAP) is meant to reward your dedication to propagating everything that is not called a plant or like fishfarm calls it "green fussy stuff" which is Ken Seiders biz. I will be rewarding inverts on a specific basis since there are no established points for them yet and those have different levels of difficulty as well. I will be taking the time to research a little on each individual new species and with the help of the experts we will assign the fair amount of points to each submission.
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    Got the form and I have to say I love it. It is so much easier to fill out than the older one. Great job Luis.

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    I like it a lot too. I think it kinda guides you through the process instead of throwing you into huge blank spaces that I used to drown in. In the end it collects a lot more of the valuable info for the people interested in reading about a specific species. I want to mention that Eric's help was very instrumental in getting it done. Thanks Eric!!
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    Keep in mind that these submissions become property of the club and anyone interested on checking them out should feel free to request them from me. Especially these new ones that are saved electronically that can be easily shared by attaching them to an email. This is another benefit to being a member of the AAAA! The use of them is limited to club members and any reproduction of this material is only allowed with written permission.
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