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Thread: Tanks plus accessories and good substrate 1.50-2.00 per gallon!!! Big tanks too.

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    Lol Tanks plus accessories and good substrate 1.50-2.00 per gallon!!! Big tanks too.

    My son is selling out his business and we are getting rid of a bunch of cichlid tanks. Most tanks are 1.50 a gallon, so a ten gallon priced like that would be 15 bucks, with flourescent light, lid, choice of cichlid sand, sand, a variety of river rock, aragonite or aquarium gravel, heater, ornaments, wood or rocks or flower pot breeding caves many backs painted black, some with bottoms painted, some with backgrounds.

    I have 2x 40 breeders, 2x55 on metal stands, tens, 20 long, 40 gallon on wood cabinet, 55 on black wood cabinet, 29 bowfront, 2x29 on metal stand, the 100 gallon described, 2 75 gallon tanks. most of the accessories are decent quality, lots of marineland hob filters, some whispers, many tanks with glass lids, some with plastic. Metal stands extra. Great for a startup breeding business. First buyers get the best pick of stuff. All wood is mopani driftwood and most rocks are lace rock. Big plastic ornaments and calvus breeding caves available.

    Some fish might be included in some cases, if you want them. fish range from cunningtonia to albino and regular plecos, syndontis cat, rare victorians: mbipia lutea, uganda fire red, hap burtoni.

    I have boxes and boxes of "stuff" that I will throw with purchases.

    Selling a 75 gallon tank for $150 with all accessories, strip light, wood stand if you want it that holds another tank on bottom, a marineland overflow--emperor, your pick of a huge asortment of rocks, ornaments, plastic plants, cichlid sand and crushed coral substrates, as well as river rock varieties and others. All for 150 bucks, the light looks wide enough to put a second strip, also I have a black metal light I think that takes the u shaped bulbs. The strip light that goes withthe tank has its ballast separate, on the cord, and it can be mounted on the stand or wall. glass lids no hinge but will include an extra air pump, black or blue background. Oh, and heater and separate stand alone pump for powering airstones or whatever and 100 gal protein skimmer.
    OR FOR THE SAME $150 bucks
    I will sell a 100 GALLON TANK, no lids but lights give you a few sheets of scrap plexiglass that you can cut to fit temporarily, throw in two 6ft parts lights if you want to build custom lights for it--really just for the housing, all the rest of the parts lights are junk. With this tank, an aquaclear slimline wetdry with overflow attachments and inline pump, will throw in an extra one, black or coral I think background, heater, regular stand alone air pump for stones or venturi, 100 gallon aquaclear protein skimmer, substrate of choice calcium based cichlid type sand, 200 watt heater, your choice of texas holy rocks, 8" piece of white coral, plastic plants or other ornament stuff--I have boxes of that stuff because I don't use it. If you want hang on the back overflows, which is what I used, will do two 65 gallon capacity. I'm selling out all the tanks from the business. Have many others all with all accessories for 1.50-2.00 a gallon. Lots of fish stuff, the first comers get the best pick of stuff!!! PM me here if you are interested. I live near Brunswick.

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    Can you post some pictures for s all to see if it's worth the long drive down 16?

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    Pm sent about 75 gallon / stand

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    I will get them up asap, I just broke them down and moved them out of the house. I have 25 tanks. None of them leak. The 100 gallon is a 5' footprint. I have a six foot 125 gallon but I'm thinking about hanging on to that one.

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