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Thread: Need a volunteer (or 12) in Dunwoody / Sandy Springs Area

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    Just an update on the 10g tank @ Roberts Elem. in Suwanee, set it up a few months ago with just 3 guppies (1m & 2f) and about 2 weeks ago they started to see babies... About 13 babies! All the 3rd graders are so excited, I stopped in to do a quick wc before the Xmas break and instead of playing games and eating goodies, most of the kids were watching what I was doing! So fun!

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    Very cool. Thanks for the update! Have a Merry Christmas!

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    If anyone knows of an area in Cartersville my girlfriend and I would be interested? We have a complete set up ready to go.

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    I'll reach out to the school district Monday. Thanks for offering! We should be able to provide the fauna and/or flora.

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    This is a great thread , i think its awesome your so involved like you are.

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    Another update on the 10g tank at Roberts Elementary in Suwanee, what started with 3 guppies (2 females, 1 male) about 8 months ago, is now about 40+ guppies! I take some as they get old enough to breed occasionally for my tanks and the teacher is helping her students (3rd graders) who want fish and their parents learn how to keep 10g w filters/heaters etc at home. Trying to recruit other teachers to take tanks (I have 2 10g setups not being used) but so far everyone loves to come see them but no one has volunteered to take one! I'd say its definitely been a success as the students love the tank!

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    Too cool - thanks for all your efforts. (Who knew guppies were such prolific breeders?) I'll bet the kids do love it!

    I really only have room for ONE MORE TANK!

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    if we are still doing this cobb county, speicifcly rocky mout elementary school, would proably love a tank, I'd be more then willing to take care of it, etc


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