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Thread: Lot of Larger Pieces of Driftwood (Forgotten Driftwood)

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    Arrow Lot of Larger Pieces of Driftwood (Forgotten Driftwood)

    Just realized I still had all these big pieces today, might as well sell them and get outta the way. Some pretty neat looking ones in my opinion would look great in a bigger tank but ill never use since im actually in the process of breaking down my last planted tank. All these are pretty much leftovers from back when I used to sell driftwood a lot plus a lot of people don't want big pieces for some reason. Nothing wrong with them just big or extras. All locally collected hardwoods have all have been boiled atleast once and then briefly soaked. I think a couple of the smaller ones I actually used in a tank before. I might go ahead and boil them all again since its been awhile.

    Anyway id like to get $40.00 OBO for all of it. (SO comes out to $5.00 a piece)

    Wood is dry in the pictures.

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    wood is SOLD

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    oh yeah mods can close

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