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Thread: 2 Super Veil Koi Angels, One 5" Blue Gene JD, One 4" Electric Blue JD

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    2 Super Veil Koi Angels, One 5" Blue Gene JD, One 4" Electric Blue JD

    I will be bringing dry goods for auctioning.

    i can hand-deliver to auction the following:

    2 super veil Koi Angels, not a mated pair, unsure of genders, one is body size 2" from tip of "nose" to start of caudal fin the other is 1.5". VERY long fins, in excellent health, placing in attempts to have successful cpd and breeding in that particular tank. in other words, they are eating all the fry ;) $25 for the 2 of them or $15 each.

    BGJD, 5-5.5" including the caudal fin, excellent health, unsure of gender, husband thinks it is a female based on the spangles on the lower jaw, placing in attempts to get down to 1 breeding pair in that particular tank, 120g. beautiful fish, just have too many. nice coloration true to breed. $20

    EBJD, 4-4.5" including caudal fin, gender unknown, very healthy, there was a slight concave deformity during it's adolescence on one side of the front dorsal fin. it has since seemed to have resolved. eyes may be set a little deeper than "normal". i believe this fish to be in excellent health, breed worthy, and attractive. listing the particulars for the sake of being thorough. it is my understanding that this is somewhat common with the double recessive breeding of fish. coloration true to breed. in the same tank, 120g, as the above mentioned BGJD and placing for the same reason. $20

    1 male kribensis adult needs a lady :), pelvicachromis pulcher, excellent health. $5
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    HI Liz, are those the angels you are holding for me?? If so I still want them. Sorry I wasn't able to meet you and Peter to pick them up.
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    no worries Dorothy, they are yours. i'll bring them with me. I'll PM you.
    "Fish recognize a bad leader." - Conan O'Brien

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