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Thread: The "blue" shiner at the auction

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    The "blue" shiner at the auction

    Scientific name " Notropis chrosomus"

    Common name in the US is alabama rainbow shiner.

    CHARACTERISTICS: Notropis chrosomus is a robust, moderately compressed minnow species with a slender peduncle and short fins. A black lateral band extends from the gill opening to the tail. Breeding males are quite beautiful, with a light reddish purple stripe above the lateral band and iridescent violet flecks along the back and the dorsal, pectoral, and caudal fins. The sides below the purple stripe are iridescent powder blue, changing to silver on the venter. The dorsal and anal fins have bright red spots in the center of the front rays. The dorsal half of the eye is bright red. In both sexes, small breeding tubercles cover the head and a large part of the body (Swift, 1970).

    HABITAT AND BIOLOGY: This species is typically found in small, low-turbidity headwater streams flowing over gravelly and sandy riffles and pools. Spawning occurs from April through June or July, frequently over gravelly nests constructed by fish species of the genus Nocomis or Campostoma; we have observed rainbow shiners spawning over Nocomis mounds in Little Schultz Creek, a Cahaba River tributary in Bibb County in early May. With their reddish purple backs and neon blue pectoral fins, males are quite prominent in spawning aggregations. Like other Notropis, the rainbow shiner is most likely a drift feeder, consuming aquatic insects and plant material. Surprisingly, considering this fish's striking appearance, its life history has received little study.

    Tank: They are best in a tank with HoB filters and a few power heads. Neutral to slightly soft PH room temp tank no heater needed. CLean water, clean water, clean water!

    To breed them: make a "chub nest" put it under the outflow of a HoB filter and pull the "chub nest" every morning and move it to another tank under the outflow of a HoB filter.

    Food: Flake a mix of veggie flake and a high protein flake (earthworm) they eat mainly out of the water column not off of the top or pick the bottem though they can. Babies viniger eels, bbs, then crushed flake.


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    Thanks John. I made this into the first article on the website.


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