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Thread: 125 gallon with glass lids, stand, fluval 405

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    125 gallon with glass lids, stand, fluval 405

    i am breaking down my 125 tank :( there are a bunch of fish in there, all can come with the tank if you like.

    the specifics fish are:
    1 footlong pleco
    2 dwarf high fin plecos
    12+ polkadot live bearers
    5+ platies
    2 white skirt tetras
    1 ghost cat
    4 white clouds
    plus one or two i may have forgotten

    all up, $600 with Fluval, $500 without. Fluval not sold separately.. either with tank or not at all, sorry

    Separately, there are 3 fat little clown loaches, about 2 1/2 - 3 inches each, will only go to an experienced keeper. these are my babies, and i love them, but i cannot justify driving them 10 hours to west virginia when i move. they are available for $15 each or $35 all three.. would LOVE for them to go together. They are spoiled rotten. please only ask about them if you are going to care for them properly. thanks :)

    feel free to make an offer on the tank

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    i guess the price is too high?
    eh, how about $500 with everything?
    i can get rid of the fish separately if need be

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    I sent a PM on the clown loaches

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    It really hard to find a taker for a tankful of fish and tank. Usually you do better if you sell the fish separately first, and then the setup.

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    thanks :) the fish have a home waiting, i will drop them off tomorrow.. the tank will be empty and available


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