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Thread: red cherry shrimp showing black markings- any advice?

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    red cherry shrimp showing black markings- any advice?

    I just noticed this evening that some of my red cherry shrimp have black markings on their sides and tails. The tails have black spots somewhat like a peacock tail. Could it be a recessive gene showing up? Does this mean my shrimp are getting inbred? Has anyone else observed this? The red and black shrimp seem otherwise normal as they happily chomp away at some green hair algae I found for them.
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    Red cherry shrimp are just Neocaridina heteropoda that have been bred for their red color. Can take many many generations to do this. There are other colors people have bred them for. Occasionally they will throw out some wild colors.

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    I think it's probably just a coloration thing as well. Breed for it and you can market Geotek's black cherry shrimp! :)

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