I'm thinking about getting a bulk shipment of Opae Ula shrimp, I'm going to keep some but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in them.

For those not familiar with them, they are amazing shrimp. From an article about them from petshrimp:
The Hawaiian Red Shrimp is probably one of the most amazing creatures out there. It is a shrimp of the extremes. Coming from anchialine ponds in Hawaii, it had to develop a host of abilities to survive in very hostile environments and circumstances. Hence, this shrimp became a "Super Shrimp" of sorts over its millions of years of evolution. The Opae ula (as this shrimp is called in Hawaii) can take temperature extremes, salinity extremes (from fresh water to more than full strength saltwater), environmental extremes (lack of food for months or years) and supposedly manages to live for more than 20 years if given the right conditions!

These are the shrimp that you find in the "ecospheres" at Brookstone and on the internet. This is cruel, but it does show you how hardy these guys are. They make an excellent display tank for a desk/cubicle. You can feed them once a week. Many people claim to go over a year without doing a waterchange, just top-offs. (I'm afraid to do this, but the ones I currently have have only gotten a water change when I moved them to a bigger tank)

You can find more information about them on a couple of sites, PetShrimp has some information. Fuko Bonsai has a lot of information as well.

They are also the most active shrimp you will ever see. Mine fly around my aquarium and play in the filter's wake.Here's a video of them in action. (Not mine, but they do feed like that) Here's a video of a homemade biosphere with them (that's not sealed shut!)

Here's a picture of them, these are almost fully grown, they get a little bigger.

I would probably be selling them for $25 a dozen. (Which would be happy in a 2-5 gallon tank) Or a little more per shrimp if you wanted fewer just for a biosphere. I wanted to see if people in the club would be interested in them. I wouldn't have them in time for the June meeting, but I could bring them to the July picnic or meet you somewhere around Marietta with them.
If you have any questions, I do currently have some with the intention of getting more, so I can (try to) answer any questions you have regarding them.