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Thread: 55 Gallon Aquarium with custom cabinet $500

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    55 Gallon Aquarium with custom cabinet $500

    55 Gallon aquarium with custom made cabinet- very sturdy. Setup comes with:

    Fluval 305 canister with upgraded eheim 594 spray bar
    Sinking African driftwood
    cultured substrate
    assorte river stones
    Jager 200w heater
    various canister filter medias substrates
    freshwater salt
    water conditioners
    extra odds and ends
    Setup includes a 48 inch coralife aqualight dual strip that may need bulbs as it was not lit when I took it down

    The cabinet has a removable wooden floor so you can adjust to the level of the floor, dimensions are 66" x 52", and has a shelf that folds up with a friction arm so you dont have to hold it up, disappears when the shelf is placed back down, and has an upper display area, if desired. What I am asking for is a fraction of what I have paid, so the price is firm. Serious inquiries only. Must be able to pick up with transportation to do so with at least 2 people- this is pretty heavy and may take 2 trips depending on the vehicle, Due to my work schedule, email is preferred or call 770-597-9909 and leave me a message.
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