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Thread: Fluval 404 - experiences with this filter?

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    Fluval 404 - experiences with this filter?

    Howdy folks :)

    Among the equipment included in a 90 gallon tank that I got off of CL was a Fluval 404. Upon doing some research I found a lot of negative reviews...the filter works, but it kept "seizing" aka rattling then stopping, a problem that appears to be chronic with this model. After looking at the impleller cover I saw that the impeller shaft fit very loosely in it - and looking at an online exploded parts diagram it seems that that cover is for the older model 404 impeller, which has blue curved blades (the impeller I had has white straight blades). Sooo, I got a replacement cover which matches the newer impeller...and it fits nice & snug. SO far, so good - nice strong flow, no rattling, no seizing.

    For those who have had (or still do) this filter - how do you like it?


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    I have 3. You have already figured out the main problem. They can be rough on impellers and you have to go through the old model/new model thing to get the right parts. Another thing to watch is the motor/canister seal(O ring). The first sign that it is bad is that it will leak when the filter stops, like in a power outage(welcome to a wet basement and a half full tank). So, change it every year or so to be safe.
    Other than that, they can be a little hard to start (burp air out) but you'll learn the tricks. Mine have been running for years.
    Congrats on your new tank.

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