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Thread: Ghost shrimp

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    Ghost shrimp

    Looking for a place to buy ghost shrimp to add to the diet of my oscars does anyone know a place in ga....petsmart sells out so quickly theyre hard to get there. I know places online but would rather not have to pay for shipping

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    I know the petland in dunwoody has them because thats where I work. They are 4 for $1.29. The petland in athens and kennesaw may have them too but I'm not sure.

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    Ok thanks how many do they have...i have a 10 gallon running that will be just for them i want about 50 or so

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    I get a box every week, so we usually have several thousand all the time. Ken, Petland Athens
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    petsupermarket has them often, prices seem to vary on location. I think they were 10 for $2 or something. They can be found cheaper, just gotta hunt around for them. Sometimes sold as feeder shrimp. Not sure how filling they would be for an oscar.

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