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Thread: Whats new on CL

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    follow the link, its been deleted, so its gone. This thread is not our stuff, just what we find on CL and think might interest our members. The good deals on CL go fast.

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    There are some discus listed on Craigslist Athens if anyone wants to look at them.

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    2 male Oscars about 6in Free at The listing is for the aquarium but she also offered the Oscars for free.

    Well she is basiclly selling the tank and everything in it. I can't get hold of her so got 29g tank from Caroline.
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    Thats prohibited ��

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    I'm selling some metal halide lights w/ ballasts for well under market price, will give further discount on bundle deals!

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    i'll take it off your Hands!!

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    Jay, That post is a year old


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