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Thread: Thinking of selling my angelfish and others

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    Thinking of selling my angelfish and others

    I am thinking of selling off the fish in my angelfish tank since we are moving and when we set it back up doing african cichlids so if I have something you are interested in let me know and I can provide pics if desired

    6 veiltail angels adults, one proven pair 4 are black lace the pair is silver with black vertical striping

    1 8plus inch highfin pleco great eater very laid back

    1 4inch albino bristlnose pleco great eater also very laid back

    1 red platy HUGE

    1 pair of swordtails, type unknown they are a salmony pink color with black lining rear fins

    The angels and large pleco can come with their very own bucket for transfer free of charge lol

    All fish get along great even when the pair has eggs or wigglers but as is the case all babies get eaten

    Make me a offer on all or part and let's make a deal!

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    I'm interested
    1 4inch albino bristlnose pleco great eater also very laid back

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    He may be closer to 3 plus inches, he was up on the glass this morning and I tried to measure him again lol, he is quite the quirky fish but is healthy! I am in Roswell and would prefer to have you come here to get him, or I can bring him to the auction end of this month, I also work in Norcross near holcomb bridge and spalding if that might be closer. Shoot me a email at and we can discuss price and details

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    Bristlenose is taken!

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    Angels are taken as well as the bristlenose, I still have a large hifin pleco available as well as a pair of swordtails and a platy if anyone is interested I will give them away for free to the right home!

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    I am sending a PM for the pleco, swords and platy.

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    All fish are now taken thanks!

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