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Thread: Atypical Fish Back in Business! Put your requests in now for our first new order!

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    Yes Joe, and I'm sorry. I guess the wholesaler is asking too much for them. I did check with my other supplier - the breeder in NY who I got your first tanganyikans from, but they don't have them available. But they do have the cauopucs I could do for $12.00 or tetracanthus for $15.00 I know you showed interest in those before.
    Atypical Fish

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    I have been looking for Neolamprologus longicaudatus... Please let me know if any of these show up on any of your lists.


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    Eric, those are sweet. I googled and found a site with some nice photos

    If you get any that multiply - keep me on the taker list.


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    ha i will... i had juvenile a little while back, but it got mauled by a frontosa (probably my fault keeping them in the same tank together). But they are very interesting fish, they almost seem like a cross between a frontosa , they get a nice nuchal hump, and a buescheri... hopefully i will be able to find some, i dont see them too often though.

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    I will keep an eye out for them!
    Atypical Fish

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