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Thread: 55 Gallon Aquarium Tank and Stand, Rare Fish, Arowana, Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Oscar

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    Not sure what to take pics of or how, but basically heres what i have, pics dont really do any justice for neither the malaysian drift wood or slate, doesnt show color, but mainly doesnt show all the ridges, and smooth and rough edges and cevacies, but here goes

    all this ran me $80 new, and I still have yet to use it so its still new

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    The light brown rock is the river rock?

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    Lol, yeah thats the only one, 2 peices of drift wood, 6 pieces of slate rock, and 1 piece of river rock

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    pics are good. Only thing that would make it better is an indication of size, like a ruler or a dollar bill. Or you could measure and post rough sizes. After all, a buyer needs to know it will fit in the tank.

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