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Thread: Buying new tank (55 gallon)...thoughts??

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    Buying new tank (55 gallon)...thoughts??

    I am going to pick up a used 55 tank tonight. Comes with wooden stand, 2 glass tops, heater, air pump, a coralife so he says T5 high output light fixture with extra bulbs, and here is the kicker a fluval fx5. Just from that anyone have any kinda of idea how much this is all worth, ball park?? I know the fluval might be a tad large but I think it is a good deal...I am thinking of posting before, during, and after pictures .

    (O yea this is my first post ever here!)


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    Normally a 55g with a stock light fixture and a filter and a simple stand can go for anywhere between 50-150ish on craigslist. Sometimes people want more, but normally don't sell that quickly. The fx5 is worth $220ish new. Not sure of a used price for them. Maybe like 250-300ish? Some sellers try to get 'new' prices when selling used stuff, those never sell. Depending on the quality of the stand, could be more pricy.

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    Sweet I got a good deal then. I am getting it all for 2 provided everything works. Fairly excited for a larger tank such an upgrade from my 20 gallon XH which is a pain to plant and mess with.

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    Also another question I have. For the pump on a 55 gallon tank, will slowing down the rate effect the pump in a negative way?? I don't want to break or cause any problems to the pump. I also don't want a flow rate of 600 g/hr for a 55 gallon aquarium.

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    IMO, that flow rate is just right for a 55. The only reasons you wouldn't want it that high is if you have stagnant water fish like betta that object to the flow or you are adding CO2 and it is escaping too fast.

    And generally it a bad thing to restrict the flow of a canister filter. It the flow is bothering you, look into 'spray bar" type outputs that spread it out.

    If you'd like I'd trade you a used HOT magnum (250 gph) for the 600 gph filter and put it on my 55.
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    The way to slow throughput on a canister filter is to restrict the 'Output 'side of the filter, not the 'input' side of the filter. You can use valves, but restrict only the output side.

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    You mentioned planting your smaller tank, keep in mind that a dense growth of plants is very good at slowing water currents a lot. The combined pumps and powerheads on my 55 gal total about 700 gph, and most of the tank has a gentle current. A spraybar is a good suggestion.
    Plants, plants, and more plants...

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    All very good ideas. I would like to think I have broken into the intermediate category, but all that I have learned I have either googled or learned by trial and error. This is my first canister filter as well as T5 high output lights. I am cleaning everything today and going to take the time to sand and paint the stand. Little nervous but the excitement is over powering that feeling. I really appreciate all the thoughts and suggests and are always welcome to more! I will post a thread tonight with all the pictures of the on going process.IMAG0114.jpg (Before cleaning)
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    Seems like you got a nice and clean tank :)
    Just make a spray bar for the FX5.
    When I had a 55, I had a 500gph filter and a 360 gph filter + 500gph power head.

    Planting is a lot more fun in a 75, the extra 6 inches depth are awesome.

    If you need to know some extra info that you don't find on this forum, I learned a whole lot from


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    That's an excellent deal for 200. The filter alone is worth that much, the rest is just bonus. Come to the spring auction next month, you'll be able to get a hold of all the plants you want there.

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