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Thread: 10 Gallon; 29 - 30 Gallon Long with Stand

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    10 Gallon; 29 - 33 Gallon Long with Stand

    Pretty much says it all in the title: I'm looking to pick up an upgrade to my 6 gallon betta tank and for my first community tank since middle school.

    Should be in decent shape and I'd like to avoid the faux-wood grain trim. Any kind of cover (or no cover) is fine, though I'm hoping for a glass top.
    The 10 should be fine on my bookshelf, but I'm hoping for a decent stand for the larger tank.

    If you've got such a tank, shoot me a PM!

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    If you are in the area, the club auction is Sunday at the state farmers market. You should be able to find pretty much anything you want at an excellent price.
    Ron VanZant

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    I'm in Athens so I could drive down. I'll think about doing that :)

    EDIT: I'd still love to hear from people not going to the auction, though. Still feel free to PM!
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