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Thread: Black Shrimp!

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    Black Shrimp!

    I was passing my 125 gal tank when I saw a black form that caught my eye... I could not believe my eyes seeing a black shrimp (well on second look it has some brown on top)! I know I put in the past some ghost shrimps, but the change of color is incredible. I suspect it is the same shrimp what was almost "blue algea blue" last month. The bottom of the tank has some black gravel, but it is mostly brown. Here are some pics. Is is a common trait to such an extreme coloration?

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    You got a bonus with the ghost shrimp apparently! lol That is a caridina or neocaridina type, I'm almost certain.

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    That's a cool looking shrimp! It'd be nice if you end up with several of them and they begin to breed.

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    You ever had any red cherry shrimp in that tank? Looks like some red cherry shrimp that have been floating around in the club, most of them are the normal red coloring, but occasionally the colony throw off these dark brown ones rcs with a lighter brown stripe down the back.

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    No RCS in that tank. I got 5 "ghost" shrimps that were clear, and put them in the tank several months ago. It seems that this the lone survivor and has the capability to change color quite dramatically. I believe it is the same when it was a very nice blue green color (I thought she must have eaten some blue green algae to the that color). But of course in a 120 Gal, hard to say if it is the same.

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