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Thread: Sale!! Freshwater fish cheap!!

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    Sale!! Freshwater fish cheap!!

    SALE through the weekend only prices as marked Prices good until 4/30

    South American Cichlids

    Orange Head Geophagus "Tapajos" $5.00
    Geophagus Balzani $5.00
    Firemouth Cichlid $2.50
    Jack Dempsey Med $5.00
    LG Parrot Fish $25.00
    LG Red Devil $30.00
    LG Midas $30.00
    LG Pike Cichlid $50.00
    Gold Severum $5.00

    African Cichlids

    Lafilli Jewels $5.00


    Spotted Gar $12.00
    Alligator Gar $30.00
    Freshwater Lionfish $25.00
    African Lungfish $80.00

    Eels, Knife’s & Bichirs

    Ornate Clown Knife $12.00
    Golden Clown Knife $8.00
    Tiretrack Eel $10.00
    Polypterus Endlicheri $40.00
    Polypterus Weeksi $35.00
    Polypterus Palmas $50.00

    Catfish / Pleco

    Med Pleco $8.00
    Sailfin Pleco $8.00
    Lg Synodontis Catfish $20.00
    Rapheal Catfish $9.00
    LG Chaca Chaca Catfish $50.00


    Potted Amazon Sword $5.00
    Potted Oriental Sword $5.00
    Pink Telanthera $4.00
    Corkscrew Val $3.50
    Atypical Fish

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    wtb mo gae tire track ell ship

    I live in mo. usa would like to buy spotted gar and tire track ell. Don't know whether or not prices above are current or not. Would have to be shipped with guarantee

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    The post was in 2012 and the website is "unavailable". Don't hold your breathe for a reply


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