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Thread: crested gecko and set-up! Great Deal!!!

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    crested gecko and set-up! Great Deal!!!

    Hey everybody. So I've got a few crested geckos in my house. I've been taking care of my girlfriend's for the last few months but I think that its time to find it a new home.
    It is a female crested gecko. She is the popular harlequin color morph and also has a few dalmation spots. She weighs 20.07 grams and is around 6". We handle her on a weekly basis and she's very friendly. She does have a little bit of a floppy tail, but she is 100% healthy. No special heating or lighting required, crested geckos prefer room temperature.

    The most important thing is to make sure to feed her a POWDERED crested gecko diet (I would recommend Repashy). This is a powder that is easily ordered offline or found in some pet stores. All you do is add water.
    She comes with her enclousure. It is a 12 x 12 x 18 Zoomed terrarium. This also come with all of vines/suction cups. We are asking $60 for the gecko + the set-up (we paid $75 for just the gecko). If your seriously interested and would like any more specefic pics just let me know.
    schmee 1.jpg
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    i wanted one these a few years ago, i'll talk to the wife. have pics of the set-up?

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    No problem. I'm selling the enclousure on the left. It has a thermometer and hygrometer stuck to the glass. I've been using paper towels because they're easy to clean up, but if you want a more natural look you could use coconut fiber substrate. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. on the left.jpg


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