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Thread: HUGE driftwood pieces~ Acworth, GA, pick up or delivery

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    Lol HUGE driftwood pieces~ Acworth, GA, pick up or delivery

    Hey everyone! I registered here because I thought you folks would get good use out of the driftwood pieces I have available! I have two HUGE pieces, one is a tree stump, the other is fairly skinny and long. Both can be placed in a range of configurations, and need LARGE tanks. Can be cut to fit easily with a chainsaw. Neither piece has been treated or waterlogged, so some work is needed. I will deliver or meet halfway anywhere in the Southeast for a gas fee. Or can be picked up with no fee. You will need a LARGE truck! The biggest piece barely fits in the bed of a Silverado. Yardstick in pics for comparison. I'm asking $300 for the bigger piece and $175 for the smaller one. Send a PM if interested!

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    I was interested until I saw the bulldog in the yard. ;-)
    That thang is HUGE, as you know, but in my opinion you're asking too much for the smaller one. I think you'd be lucky to get half of what you're asking for it. If you want to move the big one then cut it up and sell as pieces. I'm of the mindset that people that have $300 for fish tank wood are unlikely to have the time to cut up and do the "some work as needed" to cut up, clean up, waterlog, etc. the ridiculous stump when $300 can buy a lot of tank-ready driftwood online. I don't have $300, but I have the time and a chainsaw, so PM me when you need a place to dump it... I'll give you $30 for gas. until then, enjoy your lawn ornaments! oh, and you do a good job keeping the grass at the correct height. yard looks good.

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    It is really neat looking, but the size is more appropriate for the Georgia aquarium than a home aquarium Very few home aquariums are more than 24" across and most are only 12". You probably do have $300 worth, but in 10 pieces.

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    I'd suggest posting this on MFK. I think you'd have better chances there...

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    Cutting it up is like selling the paint and the canvas of a painting separately...hope somebody has a tank big enough for this.

    You should post the picture of it in the Silverado bed. From that angel one can almost imagine what it'd look like in a tank.

    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfish View Post
    the size is more appropriate for the Georgia aquarium than a home aquarium
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    Hi friend,
    I have a big source of driftwoods come from Desmodium Unifoliantum trees for sales but I don't know how to do it. Please visit my website Thank you! DSC03039.jpg

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