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Thread: Cichla Chatter -- Peacock Bass Show and Tell

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    Cichla Chatter -- Peacock Bass Show and Tell

    Hey everyone, just wanted to create a thread to corral up all my peacock bass themed images and video. I'm very delighted with mine, but I realize that most folks (wisely) don't keep them because of the limitations it places on tank mates. If you purchase them at different times, you're pretty much obliged to have two different tanks -- one for the grow out phase, like my 75 gallon, and then the final home of 180+ gallons -- and then, really, a 300 gallon with TONS of filtration is really much better for them in the long run.

    Argus is about 16 inches now. Totally a wet pet.

    And video. They really do seem to appreciate 'ahem' environmental enrichment. :)

    And here are the three juvenile peacock bass. They are currently 7" long, and will be moved to the 300 gallon (with a divider) once they hit 9". In the meantime, I am doing LOTS of water changes! You'll notice that one of my three juvie peacock bass won't eat Massivore. It's been like this for two months now. I would try to withhold other food for him for up to a week. When not trying to starve him into taking Massivore, he gets red wigglers and shrimp and lake smelt soaked in vitamins, but his colors are still REALLY disappointing compared to the two that have been pigging out on Massivore since they were about 5" (so, about 2-3 months now, they're all about 7", and from the same vendor shipment to one of my LFS).

    So here is an accidental experiment on how different grades of food affect your fish's color!

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    The big, long-lived predatory cichlids are very bright and have great personality. Truly a wet pet and a monster fish.

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