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Thread: 36g high with stand, herp tanks, duck weed, molly fry

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    36g high with stand, herp tanks, duck weed, molly fry

    36g high with iron stand, mesh lid, glass lid, and light: $75 or best offer12"x12"x18" Exoterra Herp tank (great for small tree frogs, young cresties, day geckos, or a single adult gecko of medium size) $40 or best offer12"x12"x12" Exoterra Herp Tank (great for a small-medium gecko or terestrial frog, an arachnid, or other invert) $30 or best offerAll are used and have served me well, just trying to trim down some of my overstock stuff.Duckweed: FREE. Just come and get it when I have too much! Once I'm able to start making it to meetings, I'll be happy to bring it with me. Molly fry: neon, balloon belly, possibly lyre-tail or sailfins. Gender unknown. The smallest is about 1/8 inch, mostly browns and golds, starting to show some spotting in the largest babies. $1 each, but I'll be happy to trade for other fry. Just offer! I have about 6-10 that I'm willing to part with.

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    Where r u located?
    It's time to make Lemonade out of all these Lemons!

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    I'm out in smyrna/marrietta.

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    what are dimensions on 36 high , cannot find a reference to it anywhere ,

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    I would love to come get some duckweed from you. Not too much just a little to get my own supply started. Can you please call me at 7274095362

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