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Thread: 240gallon - complete - stand, filter, top, everything

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    Thumbs Up 240gallon - complete - stand, filter, top, everything

    240 gallon tank complete - out the door - $950
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    what are the dimensions of the tank itself, what kind of filter, what kind of lights???


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    Hi Jim
    approx dimensions are:
    72 x 30 x 24
    stand base
    74.5 x 34 x 25.5
    76 x 9 x 27

    The main filter is a Fluval FX5. The HOB is an aquaclear - not sure of size but a larger one.

    The light is a single light strip that uses T8. The bulb is new.

    The substrate is sand. Rocks included as is drift wood.

    The fish are 2 large peacock bass and 4 silver dollar. Peacock bass will eat pellet but prefer live. Silver dollar are on flake. (Ken's Fish)

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    How much for the two pecocks?

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    How much for the silver dollars?

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    silver dollars are 50. Peacocks are 115. Having g comp issues.sorry so brief.

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    Peacocks are 115. Sorry so slow .
    computer issues.

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    Well I picked up the two Peacok bass today, and I must say I am very happy! They were healthy an full. I want to thank Corey and his Mom. I will be waiting on the tank!!! For those who questioned the price???? 115 was a steal or the quality I got!!!

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    What size and species were the pbass? :)

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    would you sell stand and canopy?

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