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Thread: Cryptoheros Roll Call

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    Smile Cryptoheros Roll Call

    What Cryptoheros are you presently keeping? Do you have pictures to share?

    I recently acquired some Chetumalensis “Rio Chahal”.

    I would like to find some Nanoluteus!

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    As you already know I have some chets too.

    I still want:
    True HRP

    Cryptoheros are by far my favorite genus!

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    I have recently kept crypto. Chetumalensis and crypto. Sajica. Right now I have some blue HRP that I got off aquabid.

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    We have Sajica and Kanna (technically amatitlania, but crypto in my mind). Just picked up Chets from Matt Sunday.

    Been on the lookout for panamensis for awhile. We had a pair, but the male killed the female and we lost him a few months later for no apparent reason.
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    Lol... actually we still have one panamensis. Apparently it's the meanest one because it killed off the others.

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    I have Chetumalensis, Cutteri, HRP, and one lonely male Nanoleutus. Need to find a female Nano for him. Nano's seem to be the hardest Cryptohero's to keep. I have had no problem with the other species. Seems there should be some Nano's around. Ken Davis sold several juveniles out of his Athens store shortly after he opened it. I guess that was about a year ago.
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    I have Chetumalensis, Cutteri, HRP and a male Calico convicts... The chets are in their own ttanks the other seven are alone in another tank to see what hybrids I can make....fingers crossed, would like to see a blue eyed calico HRP mix

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    I’m really surprised you don’t see more C. nanoluteus available in the hobby, it’s really the perfect cichlid; size, color, personality and etc! They must be a little less hardy and lay fewer eggs then the other Cryptoheros types? I’ve never seen them consistently available. Nanoluteus were described in 1994 and it seems C. chetumalensis is getting well established and they were just described in 2007.

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    cutteri Rio Jutiapa, cf. nigrofasiatus Rio Chuloteca, sajica, myrnae, nanotuteus, HRP Rio Danli, centrachus, chetumalensis, sp Rio Claro, sp Rio Monga, calico nigrofasiatus
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    I only have the cutteri rio jutiapa but will probably try to pick up a pair of chetumalensis in the next few months. I also have the HRP (siquia) but i thought they were Amatitlania? has the genus changed or is there more than one species known as HRP?


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