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Thread: 11" Male Peacock Bass, Cichla sp., Male -- $70

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    12" Male Peacock Bass, Cichla sp., Male -- $50

    I have two males at this size! $80 for the pair, or $50 each.

    They eat frozen foods, including lake smelt, silversides, and shelled market shrimp, and are pellet trained on Massivore. Appears golden under the pink lighting used for freshwater tanks, and more green-yellow under white or fluorescent lighting. Captive bred, likely Cichla ocellaris or Cichla monoculus.

    Local (within 3 hour drive of 30340) pick up ONLY, please! If you have general questions, just reply to the thread! If you want to exchange contact info, just hit me up by PM. :)

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