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Thread: Few Pieces of Driftwood

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    Thumbs Up Few Pieces of Driftwood

    Here's what I have left of my Driftwood. All of its locally collected hardwoods. Have trusted wood from same sources in my own tanks and sold/given away a lot over the years with zero complaints. The measurements in the pictures are in inches. The wood is also wet in the pictures. The big individual pieces have just been sprayed off but are to big for me to process any further.(they have been repetitively washed and dried in the sun though) The pieces in the package have been boiled and are ready to go. Im in Woodstock local pickup preferred but ill also ship. Email or Pm me if you are interested.

    Will Take $50 for Everything OR:

    1. $15

    2. $20

    3. $15

    4. $15
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    number 5 SOLD

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    bump bump bump

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    number 6 SOLD

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    Bump bump bump

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    bump feel free to offer

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    bump know this is a long shot but im putting together another bass. Will trade for: set of tuners, pbass pickup, pickguard

    no longer need
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