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Thread: im looking for a salt water tank or equipment

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    Thumbs Up im looking for a salt water tank or equipment

    hello everyone im trying to find a SALTWATER TANK BUT I HAVE A EXTREMELY tiny budget. i have a 78 gallong tank but i dont have any equipment or any clue really what to do this will be my first so if anyone know of a saltwater tank cheap please let me know. also it would be nice if you could tell me if this is a good deal getting a 56 gallon running saltwater tank for 150

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    all I know is going cheap up front in saltwater means nothing but problems and disgust at the hobby in the end. I would save some more money and do it right. Just my opinion.


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    How much you put into it will depend on your interests - aka what you want to achieve- setting up a tank with, say, only a lionfish or some damsels/angels as opposed to going hog wild and trying to maintain corals. Years ago I was happy just to be able to keep a few fish alive and thriving, and all I had was a 55G tank, under tank wet/dry filter, and 2 actinic bulbs in the reflector. Lots of people today are getting into corals and that requires shallower tanks, more lighting, and things like UV sterilizers, wavemakers & other assorted tools of the trade.

    Do some research first - find out what is involved with the different aspects of saltwater tanks and then make your decision based on what you are willing/able to spend, both wallet-wise and in time/effort. Talking with people who are into saltwater tanks of course is a great way to gain initial knowledge :)

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    thanks for the help :P i really want to just have like a ocean floor with really vibrent color and textures and just want a beautiful tank that you look at as if it was art

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    Saltwater isn't cheap. That's all I can tell you.
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    i under stand that i was just meaning that i dont want some $2000 tank im new to it just wanting like used working equipment so that i can upgrade if i get more into it and if it goes anything like my chilids and reptiles i will be spending alot more money on it

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    This is a chiclids/freshwater club. You would get more help at the Atlanta Reef Club.

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    I recommend getting on a site that is not local that way you receive more help when needed. I have posted threads that are completely unanswered on ARC. It seems as if you aren't treated equally if you don't pay for the $30 membership. It's a good membership, though. Saves you money on your purchases.

    I use I HIGHLY recommend that site. Cliff, one of the moderators, will ALWAYS help you. Great guy, and will go out of his way to make sure you know what you are doing.
    Allen Isbell
    Aquatic Nature Projects LLC
    (770) 365-0112
    Call, text, PM or email for inquiries!

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    I remember the first SW tank I had set up - I foolishly bought a Pinnatus bat (only $75 bucks back then - ouch!) which didn't last more than a week...then I moved back to Puerto Rico and set up another tank where I'd actually change out the fish every weekend, seeing as I lived only a few minutes from the beach and could catch my own fish - queen angels, rock beauties, french angels, 3-4-inch groupers, harlequin basslets, royal grammas, high-hats - basically any Caribbean reef fish :) The last inhabitant of the tank was a 3-foot moray eel, which ended up pushing aside the weighed-down lid and slithering out.

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    I've seen damsels from $5-10. stunning blue color. Mean SOBs, treat them like jewel cichlids

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