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Thread: Advice for 3d DIY background

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    Question Advice for 3d DIY background

    Hi Everyone,

    I am seeking advice when designing and constructing a 3d background for my aquarium. My main concern is related to hiding the tank equipment (heater, filter intake, etc.).

    I have seen many youtube videos that build compartments behind the background to hide the equipment. Does anyone see any issues with this? Would everything be ok as long as all the equipment has enough water circulation ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would be concerned with unwanted algae growth that would be hard to get to, hard to maintain equipment depending on what it is, I would be concerned that my fish would figure out some way to get trapped, and I would be worried about what it is made of because a LOT of NATURAL chemicals used in products are still toxic.

    I am old fashioned. I still enjoy aluminum foil just like my grandmother taught me. I like to keep it simple and not fix it until its broken.

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    Heaters do get hot. You don't want them touching foam and they should be in the filter output flow to circulate the warm water.

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