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Thread: African Cichlids

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    African Cichlids

    Hello I am a breeder about 4 hours south of Atlanta I have a few batch of fry I am trying to push out and a few breeders aswell.

    F2 Sunshine Maleri Peacock Pair 3" $40
    F2 Lemon Jake Undu Reef Pair 3" $40
    Blue Regal Peacock Group 1m 4f 4" Make me an offer
    O. Lithobates Thumbi West Hap Hap Pair 4" $80

    FRY:: *note ALL Malawi Fry are $3ea
    Dragons Blood Peacocks .5
    Red Eureka Otter Point Peacocks .5
    Makonde Yellow Black Fins .5
    Red Top Hongi Mbuna .5
    Blue Regal Peacocks .5

    Ngara Flametail Peacocks 1" $5ea
    Super Red Empress Haps 1.25"-2" $8ea
    Yellow Lab Mbuna 1.5" $5

    Please contact me at 334-447-9871 Call or Text
    I will ship to Atlanta Area for $44 Fed Ex Overnight and $50 USPS Overnight(depending on the size of the order, the smaller the cheaper)

    Thank you :)
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