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Thread: DIY Cichlid playhouse

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    DIY Cichlid playhouse

    This is the cichlid playhouse I made today but it sure is ugly. Anybody got any ideas on how to dress this up? I siliconed a piece of slate to the bottom so it would stay upright and not float but I can't get past having an fish cave 1.JPG ugly, 20" tall stick of pvc pipe in my tank.

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    Other forums say this is safe -

    May look better in black or blue ...


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    Thanks BW, I may give it a safe try.....paint a scrap piece of pvc with it, soak it in a b ucket of dechlor water for a week and test the parameters every day to see how/if it affects the water...

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    *Rub silicone all over the piece and add some of your sand substrate so it will blend in.
    *Cover the pipe in great stuff and calve out nooks and crannies then do the above or paint it in your choice of color.
    * Super glue some moss / Anubias or java fern (depending on what kind of cichlids you have)

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