Enterprise/Dothan Area Alabama
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The pictures below are the exact males we breed from!
We are local breeders with a passion for Cichlids and aquariums. We specialize in African Cichlids but we also carry a variety of different fish!
Our prices are cheap and fair and we love to make our customers happy.
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African Cichlids::

Chiloelo "South" Red Shoulder Peacock Cichlids

Yellow Lab Mbuna

Super Red Rempress Haps

Ngara Flametail Peacocks

Red Top Hongi Mbuna

Red Eureka Peacocks

Aswell as
Mkonde Yellow Black Fin
German Red Peacocks
Deep Water Haps
Blue Regal Peacocks
Dragons Blood Peacocks
Albino Dragons Blood Peacocks
Lithobate Thumbi "West" Haps

For prices please text or call.
By Appointment only.

Please contact either Brad or Austin via call or text!

Brad- #334-447-9871